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Training Sessions

The objective in every session is to work towards your end goal, whatever that maybe and sometimes goals change! - and that's ok! EVERY person is different, every body is different so we put the personal back into Personal Training.

  • Firstly,  we have a 1:1 meeting/phone call to discuss goals and what you would like to get out of your PT sessions. Also, we find out if you have any injuries or any other factors that may or may not affect your training.
  • Second, we find time(s) that suit your lifestyle so we can get you on the road to training sooner.
  • Third, as we progress, accountability is key, measurements, fitness tests and open communication about your training and how you are progressing, to keep you on track to get you to your goals

$240 for 5

$400 or 10

1on1 sessions


Team Solo (1 on 1 Sessions)

This is THE most popular choice for 1:1 Training.  For best results it's recommended to try for 2/3 sessions per week. Consistency is key!

2 Fast 2 Furious 2 ppl

Sometimes it can be great working our with a mate/partner or family member, it can help that there is someone else just as motivated. Or if your competitive....;)

$275 for 5

$550 for 10

2ppl sessions


$50 per session

1on1 sessions


The Casual Gym Goer

If you just in town for a wedding, event or want a bit of a kick. This option is for you. This option is for people that already have a level of fitness - train regularly know how to do the basics and just need a top up every now and then to keep themselves accountable and maybe learn something new to keep their training fresh.


Small Group Sessions

 Got a group of people (4-5 max) that you wanna work out with? Can do! if you are a member of Anytime Fitness or you have a space of your own, YOU CAN. Great for extra motivation.

$20 per Person

Group sessions


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