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Lose weight, gain strength

INTRODUCING THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS GUY! Guy has been training with myself since March, since then he has cleaned up his eating, cut down on the beers, Lost 14cm around his stomach, dropped 10kg & lifting waaaayy heavier than before 💪💪. No fads, real food, commitment has got him to his goal, but now training is part of his routine - not something he does every now & then, fitness for life!. Super proud!! - He is actually happy in the "after photo" it was taken super early this morn'n before he knew what was going on, he's smiling on the inside. 😂😂😂 - REMEMBER YOU CAN TOO!!!!!

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Lose weight, gain core stability

THIS is the gorgeous Ashleigh, with her permission she kindly let me put up her progress photos, pretty sure I don't need to clarify which one is the before photo. 💪💪Ash puts in the hard work, eats real food & keeps herself (and myself) accountable. Not only are her goals to lose weight, but to become stronger in her legs & have better core stability & she is punching out some sweet, sweet squats! So so proud & humbled that I get to train you Ash. Kicking goals!! (With 29cm lost all over) def #wonderwoman

Clients review/story

Joel P.

Get Fit & Strengthen his back

THIS IS JOEL, First time I met Joel he was very concerned with back issues he has had for a few years and wanted to strengthen his posture and lift with confidence. WELL, hes has done just that! Not only has he been consistent in his training he has found his own groove, coming to the gym by himself, feeling confident about what he is doing. So proud of Joel and his commitment to being the best version of himself - Def a #k2legend

"I had a broken vertebra, Scoliosis and spondylolisthesis. I have always been very active so the last few years had been quite hard for me as I was very limited and could not do a lot of the things I usually could (like play hockey). I had tried exercises at home but never knew if I was activating everything that I should be and was seeing very slow progress. My wife had been seeing Kirsty for a couple of months and told me I should get a session or 2 to learn a few exercises. Its been 2 months since then and I have seen Kirsty every week since. Bad back days are very few now and I enjoy pushing myself at the gym. She has helped me rediscover my strength and built my confidence  in my body. I feel taller and stronger and don't think I would have got this far without her guidance. I cannot recommend her enough as a Personal Trainer." - Joel

Hayley P.

Their Goal

THIS IS HAYLEY!! She has just finished her #8weekchallenge with #k2personaltraining - amazing effort, not only did she change her eating habits (real, fresh food, no fads here) - she lost an amazing 14.5cm from her bod & got to her goal weight. Great work lovely. You earned it! Xx

"I was one that HATED gyms, but I really wanted to get in shape and challenge myself so I thought I would join up to the gym, but of course knew nothing about the machines so signed up for Kirsty 8 week challenge start of 2017... and wow so much learning. I learned how to use the machines properly, learned how to really push myself and learnt that eating more (healthy stuff of course) does help progress. Kirsty is a wealth of knowledge, not only has she turned me into a "gym junkie" but has taught me so much about food and as a very fussy eater I am open to trying all sorts now! Kirsty is amazing and would and do recommend her to ANYONE who is looking to up their fitness game" - Hayley

Doug N.

Gain Strength

This is the Amazing Doug Nielson - started Personal training a few months ago. Doug not only has put on muscle he has gained so much strength & a better posture. His Deadlifts are outta control, he made it to triple digits for the 1st time! Boomtown! 💪💪 All his lifts and technique have improved. Doug is consistent, trains twice with myself & then comes in on his own time. Such a legend!!! Consistency is key!! - So humbled & lucky to train such an awesome bloke, sky's the limit!!  💪💪

"Thanks Kirsty, I couldn't have done it without you and your positive influence" - Doug

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